• For those times when one can't carry a camera (or forgets it!), a cell phone camera can serve as a priceless tool in capturing those moments that would otherwise be lost in time. In this case, a picture's worth a thousand words.
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Night Ferry

After a lovely wedding on the Toronto Island that included a ride on the RCYC ferry, the return trip treated me to a view of the city skyline at night from across the water. The dark shape in the foreground is one of the adorable historic ferries owned by the posh sailing club that brings … Continue reading

The Secret Abode of Bert and Kermit

What happened to Ernie and Bert? Who knows if they still co-habitate on television, but in the real world Bert has shacked up with Kermit in this dilapidated old house in Prince Edward County. At least they peer out at trespassers from the innards of this same house together.

I Wanna Riot (Fest)

This past weekend I made an unexpected trip to Riot Fest in Downsview Park after winning a weekend pass for two. I’d submitted my name in the hopes of winning VIP tickets, but won general admission. The solid two days of awesome music felt like a real coup, given that I hadn’t planned to go … Continue reading

Classy Cooking

I made this. Let me expand on that. My cousin got married recently and the fiancĂ©e’s stag night party began with a three course dinner at Dish Cooking Studio. The studio offers group cooking classes to which you can bring your own wine for accompanying the fruits of your labour. The instructing chef split us … Continue reading

A Lot of Indecision

Somewhere out in Etobicoke this is someone’s idea of lawn decoration. Can’t decide on the perfect lawn ornament? Get a whole bunch of unrelated random ones, stick flowers in them, and voila! Complete with offensive lawn jockey and gnome. Plus something that looks like a tapir. With flowers in it.

School’s Out Forever

I went for a walk after lunch the other day with work colleagues and I suggested we try a new route through the neighbourhood. We turned a corner and came across a park within which we discovered an abandoned high school. The property owners have fenced in the building, but not before someone smashed most … Continue reading

Wild Outdoor Screening

A few weeks back (ok… a month!) a couple of friends invited me to join them at the David Suzuki Foundation’s Homegrown National Park Project‘s outdoor screening of Project Wild Thing at Fort York. I hadn’t heard about the Homegrown National Park project, despite living in its home corridor. Nor had I heard of Project … Continue reading

Continental Clouds

I walked to dinner this evening along the edge of receding storm clouds. Looking up as the sun broke through I couldn’t believe how much the shape of the clouds mimicked the eastern part of the continent.

The Belles of the Ball of Wax

Last week I posted the horrors found on the streets of Niagara Falls. I promised to follow up with the horrors of the wax museum. I suspect some of the wax figures have been around since the museum opened in the fifties. I’m not sure what’s going on with the hair pieces. Enjoy!     … Continue reading

Niagara is Falling

Two months ago I said goodbye to my niece for the summer and visited with my brother, my sister-in-law, and my nephew who were in town to help my niece move and accompany her back to B.C. My brother decided his Vancouver-raised kids should see Niagara Falls, something we took for granted growing up in … Continue reading