NXNE pt 2

Broken Social Scene

Broken Social Scene - as seen from the Island Concert Beer Tent

Friday night I ended up at the Sloan gig in Yonge-Dundas square by accident – it was fun, and again ran into lots of people in the crowd somehow – but our previous night’s spot behind the stage in the beer tent didn’t prove as viable with the stack of guitars in the way. A friend who was home for her birthday invited me out to the island to see Band of Horses and Broken Social Scene at the Toronto Island concert, so we headed out there on Saturday on our bikes. Pavement was also playing, but scheduled to come on at the same time as the Stooges were playing their free show back at Yonge-Dundas Square, so I didn’t see them – it was a tough choice to have to make.

Word to next year’s island concert organizers: if you are going to ask a large crowd of people to wait in line for over an hour to buy beer tickets, make sure everyone knows there’s a system in place, and DON’T MAKE THEM DUMP THEIR WATER when there’s no cover from the sun. Also might be a good idea to hire more than one person on the cash bar. And maybe signs to the show from the ferry landing would be a good idea. Also – clear exit signs from the concert grounds might be nice as well – or, at least let the security know, because they had no idea how to get out when we asked them.

My friend and I both thought it was ridiculous that we had to walk across two bridges and through the Centreville amusement park to get back to the ferry. The confusion delay took long enough to cause us to miss the ferry by 10 seconds – on the plus side, the hundred-year-old Trillium was the next ferry to depart, and we had a lot of fun on the trip back downtown to see the Stooges.


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