NXNE pt 3

pedestrian Yonge street

Yonge Street is closed off for - well, don't know what. Not the Stooges

It was a novelty to find Yonge Street closed off to cars north of Queen. Strange portend to events to come the following weekend (G20) which I stayed away from despite the photographic temptations. At Dundas the crowds were already too dense to squeeze through, and the number of people was most evident in the complete lack of bicycle parking available – many cyclists had to park their bikes two levels high on construction fences.

crowded dundas

Dundas was packed, but left open to traffic - bad idea.

Despite the number of people still managed to run into friends and acquaintances, and hook up with those I’d planned to meet. There was a huge, huge crowd, and very little visibility. Everyone asked the same question – with all the giant megatron screen surrounding the square, why were NONE of them showing what was happening on the stage? Anyhow, Iggy played with all the gyrating enthusiasm expected, and Mike Watt was true to the original bass feel (I hear he has a Stooges tribute band…?) – a good show, even though seeing the band itself was impossible. Good thing they were loud.

stooges on stage

Best view of the Stooges I got - from behind the stage at Dundas/Victoria.


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