Amherst Island

soon to be a ruin...

as seen from the road

This is one of the last (actually the last?) original houses remaining on Amherst Island. One of the first Loyalist settler families would have built the house immediately following the American Revolution. The current property owner is rumoured to be trying to save it, but without work the structure won’t last  – the island is very windy on the lake side, and the structure is probably severely battered during the winter months (maybe not so much lately).

The pinhole nature of the HTC Touch phone camera always lends a time-shifted feel to the photographs I’ve taken of old buildings. The soft lighting and lack of specific focus give the pictures a cameo-like feel. Something I’m going to miss now that I’ve bought a new phone.

once was a house

Side view of the house

last house standing...

Front view

It’s too bad that while I was visiting my friend’s farm on the island that neither of us took our phones when we went for a hike through the old owl woods. Not because I missed an opportunity to take photos of chickadees eating out of our hands, but because we got lost in the brambles for close to three hours and had no way to call for help. It may make for a good story one day when we throw in the resident coyotes and the setting sun, but meantime I think we’d both like to forget about the experience.


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