A Dog Walked into a Bar…

dog in a bar

A Dog in a Bar

Toronto’s fairly strict with the no animals in restaurants law so one doesn’t usually see a dog in a bar unless it’s a seeing-eye dog, which this one isn’t, obviously. However, the fact that the dog is wearing a rain jacket, and shouldn’t have been in the bar unless it was a seeing-eye dog, made for some pretty funny jokes at the dog’s expense (and its owner’s). Of course, the fact that the bar let the dog sit at a table meanwhile made us very happy, because how often does one get to see a dog in a bar?

This photo is also clearly zoomed in on the cell phone, marking the first time in eight months that I have ever done that with the Android thanks to my friend Mike showing me how that was possible.

Android, you say? Yes, Android – thus partially explaining the huge gap in posts. I replaced my lovely time-warp-photo-taking HTC Touch with a Samsung Galaxy S in September last year. Due to Samsung being retarded (you heard me) the PC interface software provided to get photos off the camera and onto the hard drive never worked, thus creating a glut of cherished photos on the phone, which, when the motherboard crashed in December (you heard me), were all lost. I turned in the phone and eventually got it back at the end of January (albeit upgraded with Android 2.2), which was just enough time to get me out of the habit of keeping the camera rough and ready.

Thus, this isn’t the greatest photo. But it is funny.


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