We Are Not Men

Devo, wearing yellow tyvek suits - hot!

I suppose this marks the first anniversary of my photo blog. Last year fuzzy photos of X and The Stooges filled the page. This year I’ve got a slightly better phone, and captured the NXNE closing free concert – featuring Devo – from a slightly better vantage. They put on a fantastic show and had the crowd jumping to most of their big hits. They opened with a heavily digital set, then dropped the keyboards halfway through in exchange for guitars. Until that point I’d forgotten what good musicians the band really are.

More Devo in yellow tyvek - the suits came off later and were tossed to the audience

Mark Mothersbaugh on the big screen

A big plus this year for the Yonge-Dundas concerts was the addition of a big screen at the side of the stage broadcasting the performance. Congratulations, NXNE, for recognizing that most of the people at the venue had no view of the bands.

The Devo concert marked the second time that day that I had visited the over-stimulating concrete junction. Earlier a friend’s husband, Richard Duguay, had played a lunch-hour show to a sparse crowd of tourists. Richard’s band sounded great, despite the four of them recovering from playing with Swervedriver the night before.

Richard Duguay plays earlier


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