Nuit Blanche 2011

Heart Installation

Burst of Flames from Christine Irving's Heart Machine

This year’s Nuit Blanche coincided on a night of 7 degree temperature and a wicked migraine that conspired to keep the night short-lived. We chose a route beginning at the Lower Bay sleepover that continued down Yonge Street with the ambition of turning West at King, but that I abandoned after the anti-climactic spectacle of infrequent wire-flights over Nathan Phillips Square. Christine Irving’s Heart Machine installation – a sand-filled parking lot mimicking the installation’s previous life at Burning Man – warmed our own hearts with its four flaming arteries.  A relief from the disappointments of not being arrested on Yonge or witnessing the pushing of what we imagined to be a giant boulder down to the lake, but proved to be not-so-giant.

Not-so-giant Boulder on its way down Yonge Street


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