The New Toronto Subway Cars


No longer any reason to car-jump along the subway train.

I took the subway the other day, and didn’t notice at first that the car I’d boarded had no ending. The TTC has put its new Thunder Bay-built extended cars into service along the Yonge-University subway line. While I enjoyed the new-car-smell sensation and the unusual cleanliness, I also felt a little unsettled by the absence of finite space that the connected cars have. Or perhaps what I felt was the birth of nostalgia. As an unfettered adolescent I played umpteen games of daring to jump from one car to the next during subway stops along the ride. Or pretended to stalk imaginary killers who rode in the next car, staring at unwitting passengers through the rounded windows that divided one car from the next. There will be no more car-jumping, no more villain-chasing scenes through door after door along the length of the train. But I wonder how far an empty pop can could roll?


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