No, this picture is not rotated.

No, this picture is not rotated. The Stag is attached to the side of the building.

I was walking down Sherbourne St, on my way to see the band Television playing at the Phoenix, when I noticed a deer standing on the lawn of an old mansion. The deer only caught my eye. It was the upside-down wolf just next to it that caught my attention. And then the huge antlers of a stag sticking out sideways a little beyond the wolf that caught the attention of my (phone) lens. I love how the stag’s silhouette stands out against the evening sky.

On looking up a little more information about the sculpture for this post, I discovered a great irony—or in this case, bronze? The artist who created these “urban” animal sculptures at the James Cooper Mansion Condos is none other than, Eldon Garnet, one of my photography teachers from OCAD. I’m not sure I learned much in his class—most of which seemed to involve learning photography without a camera (helpful at the time since half-way through the term my old but trusted Minolta busted and I was too poor—having just quit my job bussing at Scaramouche because I couldn’t handle the stress of competing with a gang of pre-pubescent males for the last of any clean cutlery—to afford to fix it). But I like this work.


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