The Belles of the Ball of Wax

Last week I posted the horrors found on the streets of Niagara Falls. I promised to follow up with the horrors of the wax museum. I suspect some of the wax figures have been around since the museum opened in the fifties. I’m not sure what’s going on with the hair pieces. Enjoy!


From the wax version of Boulevard of Broken Dreams, itself a bastardization of Nighthawks.





Same diorama. This is Elvis. I had to look at the name tag.



This is the Queen of England. I think.



Willie Nelson close up. Probably the only wax figure in the whole place that has any resemblance to its namesake.



Except maybe these two, found at the end of the literal horror section.



Which is where these should have been. Dorothy (not shown) is the one melting in this scenario, not the wicked witch.



World Leaders conclave. Or the league of evil rulers. I took a selfie with Kim Jong Il.



From the waxen hall of horrors, another evil dictator



In the museum bathroom, a waxen woman permanently hogs a stall.


Bond. James Bond. But with that hair he’s just a double zero.



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