Wild Outdoor Screening

A few weeks back (ok… a month!) a couple of friends invited me to join them at the David Suzuki Foundation’s Homegrown National Park Project‘s outdoor screening of Project Wild Thing at Fort York. I hadn’t heard about the Homegrown National Park project, despite living in its home corridor. Nor had I heard of Project Wild Thing, a British documentary about how the current generation of kids growing up in and around London are entirely removed from their outdoor environment. I grabbed a shot of the Homegrown National Park’s iconic garden canoe to share the delights of the evening.



Organizers invited a pair of local gourmet food trucks (one truck and a cart) to provide sustenance, both of whom sold out of their wares by eight o’clock. Steam Whistle, one of the event sponsors, proved my long-standing mantra that “beer is food” by maintaining a steady stream of by-donation pints. Evergreen volunteers manned a campfire in one corner, handing out both regular and vegan marshmallows for roasting. The fantastic scent of campfire smoke drifted over to the spot where we huddled in front of the giant outdoor screen, underlining the movie’s thesis of how great it is to play outdoors. The second hiccup of the night (the first being the food shortage) came when the unexpectedly bright light of the late summer sunset delayed the screening. The sky never grew completely dark due to the fullness of the summer’s first super moon overhead.



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