I Wanna Riot (Fest)

This past weekend I made an unexpected trip to Riot Fest in Downsview Park after winning a weekend pass for two. I’d submitted my name in the hopes of winning VIP tickets, but won general admission. The solid two days of awesome music felt like a real coup, given that I hadn’t planned to go otherwise. I picked my favourites from a terrific lineup and left the park Sunday night with a glow beyond the one-sided sunburn I’d fostered the day before.


Paul Weller

We started the festival late on Saturday with Paul Weller’s performance, before heading to the food trucks for tacos. We snuggled back into the crowd for Death from Above 1979, a band I’d heard much of but hadn’t seen live before. They rocked the crowd and gained a new fan out of my boyfriend.


Death From Above 1979

Immediately following Death From Above came the Flaming Lips on the adjacent stage. This would be my fourth time seeing them live. They did not disappoint. And this was the first time I’d been so close to the Wayne Coyne bubble walkabout.


Flaming Lips


Flaming Lips – Wayne Coyne in a bubble

Saturday wrapped up with The Cure, a band I’d seen a few times in the eighties, when I was supposed to. We stayed for a few songs before trying to beat the crowd out of the park.

Sunday we aimed to start our day with Die Antwoord, the South African band who make the best videos anywhere. Riot Fest had flipped the schedule around a little so that not only did we have an extra hour to kill but we would miss the premier episode of Boardwalk Empire later that night in order to see the Buzzcocks. Let me just say that we are not sorry.


Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord had us jumping, which we expected.



And the Buzzcocks had us jumping, which we did not.

Sunday night we left with big grins on our faces.


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