Pictures Without Words

I posted that last entry almost two years ago.

I made the jump to Instagram, a very different beast, and turned my writing focus to finishing a novel, getting that novel published, and writing the next one.

This will be my last foreseeable post here, but I will leave behind these links to my writing blog and to my Instagram feed.

Night Tree with link to Instagram account

Photos on Instagram

Writing Blog “Monkey See, Monkey Say”

This blog has been fun to write, and if I get a huge outcry of despair at its close I might consider revisiting the prospect in the future.

Thank you to all my followers. I hope to see you on one of the other two sites!

One Response to “Pictures Without Words”
  1. Janet Peters says:

    Vicky, I love your pictures. Sorry I didn’t follow your blog as I’m not great at finding itl

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