A pair of tourism PR survivors, dressed in Leafs sweaters.

Until cameras started showing up on cell phones, one had to always have a camera on hand to capture those unpredictable moments that happen in life. Having a phone with a camera is recent for me, and it took awhile to get into the habit of remembering to take advantage of it when I came across unusual sites or experienced ad hoc events. The 5 Mpx camera isn’t bad and I find it fascinating how the tiny non-focusing lens acts almost like a pinhole camera, especially when shooting architecture. Of course I’d like to think that there’s some photographic skill involved when I manage to capture a great shot.


Walking around Montreal after a big dump

I’m getting better at remembering I have the capacity to capture life as it goes by, but also realizing that the series of images captured over a day can create a fuller picture of what’s going on in my life – in essence, a visual diary.

late snow dump

My street after a big dump of snow, captured on the way home from the bar


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