I Wanna Riot (Fest)

This past weekend I made an unexpected trip to Riot Fest in Downsview Park after winning a weekend pass for two. I’d submitted my name in the hopes of winning VIP tickets, but won general admission. The solid two days of awesome music felt like a real coup, given that I hadn’t planned to go … Continue reading

Wild Outdoor Screening

A few weeks back (ok… a month!) a couple of friends invited me to join them at the David Suzuki Foundation’s Homegrown National Park Project‘s outdoor screening of Project Wild Thing at Fort York. I hadn’t heard about the Homegrown National Park project, despite living in its home corridor. Nor had I heard of Project … Continue reading

Game of Thrones

A friend invited me as her plus one to the limited engagement Game of Thrones exhibit at the TIFF Lightbox. The exhibit, which has toured annually since season I, sold out quickly. I felt very lucky to go, being a stalwart fan of the series. People packed the theatre outside, lining up to enter the … Continue reading

Doors Open 2014

Every year at the end of May the City of Toronto pools together a collection of (usually) interesting buildings whose operators are willing to open their doors to the public for a sneak peek behind the scenes. The Doors Open festival (mini versions of which occur all over Ontario) has developed a reputation for being … Continue reading

Uncovered: Original Dineen Building Directory

I had never paid much attention to the original Dineen Hat Company Building, seen here in its original glory on the left, and here in a Torontoist article written about the renovation last year. The facade’s face lift breathes new life into a turn-of-the-century treat. We enjoyed viewing the many surprise details uncovered during the … Continue reading

School or Police Station: Is There a Difference?

The new police station along the west end of Davenport consists of part of an old Toronto school building with a very modern, green-roofed extension. The floor levels of the two buildings shift at different rates, solved by the architects with the expansion joint above! The station has also been equipped with nearly 40 temporary … Continue reading

Time waits for no man. Except in prison.

Guess I’m getting behind a bit myself with posts, seeing as I took this photo back in May during the Doors Open festival! A little busy with work… Expect a few latent Doors Open shots in the next few postings. Did finally, after three years of mediocre attempts, make it into the Don Jail. Also … Continue reading

Happy Valentine

Sharing a close-up of my lovely Valentine’s bouquet, a dozen beautiful blushing roses. Wish they were able to last longer in real life.

All wrapped Up

Now thoroughly distributed. A good holiday to all, however celebrated.

Snide Pumpkin

snide pumpkin

This year’s Hallowe’en pumpkin, carved on the day of, following a conversation with the housemate in which we decided to go for an evil design vs a good design. The result above seems more like a snide pumpkin, but given my PMS at the time, not surprising. And slightly evil after all. Below is a … Continue reading