The Secret Abode of Bert and Kermit

What happened to Ernie and Bert? Who knows if they still co-habitate on television, but in the real world Bert has shacked up with Kermit in this dilapidated old house in Prince Edward County. At least they peer out at trespassers from the innards of this same house together. Advertisements

The Belles of the Ball of Wax

Last week I posted the horrors found on the streets of Niagara Falls. I promised to follow up with the horrors of the wax museum. I suspect some of the wax figures have been around since the museum opened in the fifties. I’m not sure what’s going on with the hair pieces. Enjoy!     … Continue reading

Niagara is Falling

Two months ago I said goodbye to my niece for the summer and visited with my brother, my sister-in-law, and my nephew who were in town to help my niece move and accompany her back to B.C. My brother decided his Vancouver-raised kids should see Niagara Falls, something we took for granted growing up in … Continue reading

More Ice, More Roadside

This Winter found me taking an unintended road trip through Quebec to New Brunswick. The visit mostly involved family so not a lot of sight-seeing involved. I did wipe out my camera battery on the way home while trying to grab a decent shot of the Acadian winter landscape. Ice covered the huge Chaleur Bay … Continue reading

Pure New Brunswick

Nothing says “New Brunswick” like the dining table accessories at an Irving gas station roadside diner. Well, probably lots of things do. But there aren’t many places in the world that offer molasses as a condiment on par with salt and pepper.

Shadows of Family Thanksgiving.

Our family has a history of trekking around the countryside on Thanksgiving day. We’ve done it… forever. We like to try a new route every year, this one being no exception. Here we are (my parents, my niece, and I) wandering through the old farm fields behind the town of Thornbury, Ontario.

Early Morning Web

I noticed this elaborate spider web while visiting the Brantford Carnegie Library at the crack of dawn. Early morning light shows off a serious web better than any other time of day for some reason. No sign of the spider but there are plenty of film cables in evidence.

Horse Around

Somewhere west of Toronto on the 401 this white horse enjoyed facing into the wind. Usually heads hanging out of car windows on the highway belong to dogs. Not in this case. (By the way sorry for letting busy work and burn out interrupt my favourite blog! Have a back load of snaps to post. … Continue reading

Mini Toads!

At first these tiny babes along the waterfront park pathways in Collingwood look like crickets, then on closer inspection… For scale, see here:

Osheaga 2012

Plastic bottle remnants

Between the last two gigs at the end of the night, the crowd clears the lawn leaving behind a field of glittering water bottles.