Niagara is Falling

Two months ago I said goodbye to my niece for the summer and visited with my brother, my sister-in-law, and my nephew who were in town to help my niece move and accompany her back to B.C. My brother decided his Vancouver-raised kids should see Niagara Falls, something we took for granted growing up in … Continue reading

Game of Thrones

A friend invited me as her plus one to the limited engagement Game of Thrones exhibit at the TIFF Lightbox. The exhibit, which has toured annually since season I, sold out quickly. I felt very lucky to go, being a stalwart fan of the series. People packed the theatre outside, lining up to enter the … Continue reading


I was walking down Sherbourne St, on my way to see the band Television playing at the Phoenix, when I noticed a deer standing on the lawn of an old mansion. The deer only caught my eye. It was the upside-down wolf just next to it that caught my attention. And then the huge antlers … Continue reading

Organic Language

I’ve never eaten here but I fell in love with the chalkboard signs in the window. The restaurant’s Royal York Road location led to its name. Classic Chinese and Canadian food (think egg fried rice and hamburgers) served here, like the similar restaurants found in every corner of the country. All day!

Dog Day Driving

One doesn’t often get the chance to witness a dog driving a car. Really, dogs should get behind the wheel more often. This dog seems very focused on what’s going on outside the vehicle, more than I can say for many of the drivers I spy on the road.

Doors Open 2014

Every year at the end of May the City of Toronto pools together a collection of (usually) interesting buildings whose operators are willing to open their doors to the public for a sneak peek behind the scenes. The Doors Open festival (mini versions of which occur all over Ontario) has developed a reputation for being … Continue reading

More Ice, More Roadside

This Winter found me taking an unintended road trip through Quebec to New Brunswick. The visit mostly involved family so not a lot of sight-seeing involved. I did wipe out my camera battery on the way home while trying to grab a decent shot of the Acadian winter landscape. Ice covered the huge Chaleur Bay … Continue reading

Pure New Brunswick

Nothing says “New Brunswick” like the dining table accessories at an Irving gas station roadside diner. Well, probably lots of things do. But there aren’t many places in the world that offer molasses as a condiment on par with salt and pepper.

Ice Fairies

When I say “Ice Storm” this photo becomes instantly dated for most. Ice Storm 2013, of course. The glitter in the shot is the beginning of the ice setting in. Christmas lights shining through from the neighbours’ front porches help, too. A few days later I took a chance on driving. The ice coating my … Continue reading

Ed’s Sunset

A gorgeous sunset fades behind another soon-to-be extinct Toronto landmark, Honest Ed’s. I made a failed attempt recently to grab one of the hand-painted sales signs but gave up when I discovered that the line up for the auction ran down the entire adjacent block. Speaking of which, the land parcel sold by the Mirvish … Continue reading