Classy Cooking

I made this. Let me expand on that. My cousin got married recently and the fiancée’s stag night party began with a three course dinner at Dish Cooking Studio. The studio offers group cooking classes to which you can bring your own wine for accompanying the fruits of your labour. The instructing chef split us … Continue reading

Organic Language

I’ve never eaten here but I fell in love with the chalkboard signs in the window. The restaurant’s Royal York Road location led to its name. Classic Chinese and Canadian food (think egg fried rice and hamburgers) served here, like the similar restaurants found in every corner of the country. All day!

Coming Soon: Frozen Vegetable Sushi!

I saw this enticing ad for a future sushi restaurant while waiting for take out from another place. I took a photo to remember the details for reference later, but then looked more closely at the details. I guess no one has let the owners know that frozen vegetables might not be a selling point.

Poutine. Awesome.

Thanks to highly restrictive licensing and fees, Toronto is only now getting a taste of Food Trucks. But I found this gem up in Mansfield on the weekend and ordered a yummy serving of poutine dressed with avocado, salsa, sour cream, and coconut curry veggie gravy – totally delicious.

Mâche Salad

I have a culinary confusion confession to make – I thought Mâche lettuce and Matcha tea came from the same plant, and until this past weekend avoided trying the lettuce. Glad I made the jump – what a beautiful green! My mom handed me a plastic container full of Mâche from the store and asked … Continue reading

Marben’s Smoked Steak Tartar

Steak Tartar

Tried out the new(ish) restaurant Marben on Wellington street a while back with some friends. Someone ordered the smoked tartar on the menu, which sounded good even to this vegetarian. None of us expected the smoke to arrive with the plate, the waiter revealing the dish by lifting the glass-contained cloud from the table and … Continue reading

Yesterday’s Soup

Yesterday's Soup

I spent a couple of months working out of town recently. Finding a decent place to eat was a key strategy on our list of things to do. A crowded parking lot is usually a good sign, but I wasn’t expecting to find leftovers on the menu.

Paganelli Pizza

Paganelli's Buffalo Mozzerella Pizza

I have been working on a photography project with a friend who is now office managing Chef Gabriele Paganelli’s restaurant. Apart from a trip to the Twenty Valley to shoot some wild boar, I have been photographing food at the restaurant. And then I eat the food. The pizza at the restaurant is served alongside … Continue reading

Haggis Balls

Haggis Balls

I wouldn’t eat these, but my dining companion enjoys them. And the Caledonia 80-Shilling, which I do enjoy. All available at the Caledonian on College near Ossington.

Mmmm Smoked Trout

Salmon Salad

  Fresh smoked trout with black pepper and sesame seeds. Served on a bed of greens with slivers of red pepper and avocado.