The Belles of the Ball of Wax

Last week I posted the horrors found on the streets of Niagara Falls. I promised to follow up with the horrors of the wax museum. I suspect some of the wax figures have been around since the museum opened in the fifties. I’m not sure what’s going on with the hair pieces. Enjoy!     … Continue reading

Niagara is Falling

Two months ago I said goodbye to my niece for the summer and visited with my brother, my sister-in-law, and my nephew who were in town to help my niece move and accompany her back to B.C. My brother decided his Vancouver-raised kids should see Niagara Falls, something we took for granted growing up in … Continue reading

Doors Open 2014

Every year at the end of May the City of Toronto pools together a collection of (usually) interesting buildings whose operators are willing to open their doors to the public for a sneak peek behind the scenes. The Doors Open festival (mini versions of which occur all over Ontario) has developed a reputation for being … Continue reading


I shot this snap of the recent Supermoon while standing on the sidewalk in my bare feet. I had forgotten entirely about the phenomenon until my boyfriend texted, “you should see the moon!” The neighbour’s pine tree happened to peek into the shot, adding a touch of spookiness.

Poutine. Awesome.

Thanks to highly restrictive licensing and fees, Toronto is only now getting a taste of Food Trucks. But I found this gem up in Mansfield on the weekend and ordered a yummy serving of poutine dressed with avocado, salsa, sour cream, and coconut curry veggie gravy – totally delicious.

Mini Toads!

At first these tiny babes along the waterfront park pathways in Collingwood look like crickets, then on closer inspection… For scale, see here:

Handsome/Creepy Mannequin

On my way home along Bloor the other night after drinks with some girlfriends when we noticed this Portuguese Jon Snow Mannequin in a store window. After we recovered from our giggling fits, we took some photos of the shocking display.  

Unwitting Kitty Extra

Filming on location a few weeks ago, and this slightly panicked stray cat hadn’t been filled in by the landlords of the building she lived in that her world would be disrupted by a film crew. Poor thing kept running in circles around the building hoping that by the time she returned everything would be … Continue reading

Uncovered: Original Dineen Building Directory

I had never paid much attention to the original Dineen Hat Company Building, seen here in its original glory on the left, and here in a Torontoist article written about the renovation last year. The facade’s face lift breathes new life into a turn-of-the-century treat. We enjoyed viewing the many surprise details uncovered during the … Continue reading

School or Police Station: Is There a Difference?

The new police station along the west end of Davenport consists of part of an old Toronto school building with a very modern, green-roofed extension. The floor levels of the two buildings shift at different rates, solved by the architects with the expansion joint above! The station has also been equipped with nearly 40 temporary … Continue reading