Night Ferry

After a lovely wedding on the Toronto Island that included a ride on the RCYC ferry, the return trip treated me to a view of the city skyline at night from across the water. The dark shape in the foreground is one of the adorable historic ferries owned by the posh sailing club that brings … Continue reading

I Wanna Riot (Fest)

This past weekend I made an unexpected trip to Riot Fest in Downsview Park after winning a weekend pass for two. I’d submitted my name in the hopes of winning VIP tickets, but won general admission. The solid two days of awesome music felt like a real coup, given that I hadn’t planned to go … Continue reading

Wild Outdoor Screening

A few weeks back (ok… a month!) a couple of friends invited me to join them at the David Suzuki Foundation’s Homegrown National Park Project‘s outdoor screening of Project Wild Thing at Fort York. I hadn’t heard about the Homegrown National Park project, despite living in its home corridor. Nor had I heard of Project … Continue reading

Game of Thrones

A friend invited me as her plus one to the limited engagement Game of Thrones exhibit at the TIFF Lightbox. The exhibit, which has toured annually since season I, sold out quickly. I felt very lucky to go, being a stalwart fan of the series. People packed the theatre outside, lining up to enter the … Continue reading


I was walking down Sherbourne St, on my way to see the band Television playing at the Phoenix, when I noticed a deer standing on the lawn of an old mansion. The deer only caught my eye. It was the upside-down wolf just next to it that caught my attention. And then the huge antlers … Continue reading

Ice Fairies

When I say “Ice Storm” this photo becomes instantly dated for most. Ice Storm 2013, of course. The glitter in the shot is the beginning of the ice setting in. Christmas lights shining through from the neighbours’ front porches help, too. A few days later I took a chance on driving. The ice coating my … Continue reading

Ed’s Sunset

A gorgeous sunset fades behind another soon-to-be extinct Toronto landmark, Honest Ed’s. I made a failed attempt recently to grab one of the hand-painted sales signs but gave up when I discovered that the line up for the auction ran down the entire adjacent block. Speaking of which, the land parcel sold by the Mirvish … Continue reading

Sweet Cherry Blossoms

The cherry trees in high park are beginning to bloom. The blossoms arrived late this year but by the end of the week the trees should be in full gear.

Hello Goodbye

The last remains of the former Hilroy stationery company plant on Caledonia (built in 1946 by the Toronto company) bellies the empty space inside. Maybe a greeting to future owners of what will probably be warehouse conversion condos?

More Secret Trails…

The smoke stack of the refurbished Don Valley Brick Works shows through the trees from the top of the ravine ridge above. The landscapers did a fantastic job designing the Evergreen gardens and trails behind the old brick factory, but existing ravine trails hook up with the park system, too. This foot path leads off … Continue reading